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Welcome to the Predator Rugby Club family! We appreciate your support and interest in sponsorship, click on the tabs below to learn on the ‘why’ of sponsoring youth rugby.

Rugby is a legendary game that mixes strength, speed and agility. It is a game that will forever welcome athletes of any size and shape. Successful rugby does require fitness and athleticism, but first and foremost it requires a person who is ready, willing and able to give it a go.

Currently, rugby is played in over 100 countries spanning six continents, by men and women of all ages. It is the second most globally played sport. The current Rugby World Cup is the third most viewed sporting event in the world. Throughout the world, people play rugby from grade school through adulthood. Rugby is referred to as a “life sport” because men and women continue to participate in rugby long after they leave high school.

Rugby was first played in the United States in 1875. A 2010 national survey ranked rugby as the fastest growing amateur sport in the US. Between 2004 and 2011, rugby participation in the US grew by 350%, moving the US ahead of traditional rugby powers Wales and Scotland in terms of playing numbers, and surpassing soccer in new membership. The US also has more registered female rugby players (20,000) than any other country in the world. USA Rugby, the governing body for rugby in the US, supports over 200,000 members and manages competition for over 900 college teams, 1,200 high school teams and 400 youth teams.  

In the US and elsewhere, rugby is a social sport where people make lasting friendships. Players compete vigorously but leave their difficulties on the field. Traveling and touring has always been a big part of the social aspect of the game. Teams almost always come together after every match for a bit of food and some camaraderie. In keeping with this tradition, at home matches our club hosts the visiting team with food and beverages.

We are an amateur non-profit organization that provides boys and girls throughout the Fox Valley area with the opportunity to learn, enjoy and compete in the sport of rugby while fostering the ideals of team work, discipline, respect and sportsmanship. Founded in 1997, our club was one of the first youth rugby programs in Illinois. Over time, we have evolved to meet the needs that the ever growing popularity of rugby has created. Our staff of certified coaches and administrators – with the input of helpful and caring parents – works diligently to provide guidance and direction for both boys and girls in three separate age levels of kids.

Predator Rugby starts at 3rd grade, progressing through high school graduation. On average, we have upward of 70 members, not including the Men’s team or our alumni. The boys and girls are given every opportunity to excel and to represent the club, as well as the Illinois State Select Side. Predator Rugby and its sponsors provide the support considered vital to help them on their way. In recent years, a number of Predator players have been selected to play on the Illinois State Select Side, both locally and on overseas tours, and have also received athletic scholarships and grants to a number of Colleges and Universities.

Our Boys High School Teams have won the State Championship four times. We have taken the Runner-up spot twice. In 2013 and 2014 our High School Boys Team won their division at the 65th and 66th Annual Ruggerfest in St. Louis, a two day tournament with teams from all over the Midwest.

Our Middle School U13 Team was State Champions in 2019!

Fox Valley Predator Rugby Club Sponsorship Opportunities

Individual and In Kind Donations*

Predator Rugby strives to keep registration fees, and playing and travel expenses, as low as possible. Your additional financial support helps provide team equipment, practice and game field procurement, referee fees, league dues, and support for team travel. We welcome individual donations in any amount. In addition, if you would like to be involved but cannot afford a monetary donation, we would welcome a donation of products or services to meet your needs. Opportunities include apparel, travel-related donations, competition jerseys and team attire, embroidery and silk screening services, hotel accommodations, catering, promotional items, etc.

Sponsorship Packages**

Bronze Sponsor: $250: At this level, we offer your business a sponsorship spot on our website and on our Facebook account. We will display the name and/or logo you provide and link to your website.

Silver Sponsor: $500: The Silver Sponsor will have a sponsorship spot on our website and on our Facebook account. We will display the name and/or logo you provide and link to your website. In addition, the name and/or logo you provide will be on our team banner which is displayed at all club events.

Gold Sponsor: $1,000: This level offers a sponsorship spot on our website and Facebook page, a link from the name and/or logo you provide to your website, and a place on our team banner which is displayed at all club events. The club will also place a 4×4 full color image of your logo or name on our team jerseys.

Platinum Sponsor: $1,500: Our Platinum Sponsors will receive the Gold Sponsor package, for a two year period of time.

SCRUM Sponsorship Packages: If none of the above mentioned levels of sponsorship meet your needs, let’s put our heads together and work out a custom package. 

 *You or your business may make tax deductible donations in denominations in amounts exceeding $50.00 through Rugby Illinois (RI). If you designate that the donation is for Predator Rugby, 100% of your contribution will be forwarded to our club. Rugby Illinois is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Contact Fox Valley Predator Rugby for more information on how to complete this process.

**The Fox Valley Predator Rugby Club reserves the right to reject sponsorships or logos, including those that it deems inappropriate for a youth rugby program. Except for the Platinum package, or custom SCRUM packages, the term of the sponsorship shall be for 12 calendar months. Sponsorship pledges cannot be processed without payment, and there will be no refunds once the monies have been received.

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